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Garden “rooms” and interesting nooks and crannies or hiding places in the garden are popular fairies hiding spots.

Legend has it that every garden has a group of mysterious fairies. While it isn’t likely any human will actually see one of the fairies, you might get as lucky as me someday to spot one, as they do sometimes venture out near dusk.

Put these dandelion-loving fairies in your garden and they will attract more fairies.The fairies will not only help your garden to be a haven for Spirit, they will also gift your heart with love, peace and compassion. Theirs is a world rich in soul food.

Faeries work tirelessly to keep the natural world in order and from collapsing around our ears. They have always, and still do, rely on the co-operation of humans with this effort, especially now, when the planet is ravaged by our insatiable need for resources.

Faeries are hard-working and take their role as care-takers of the planet very seriously. Pan, the god of the Natural World, helps them in their endeavors, and is another ally for humans in the stewardship of the earth. If you ever have the chance to meet with Pan, and I hope that you do, you will find him to be an intelligent and thoughtful being. Gentle but powerful, Pan leads the faery realm in a continual process of repairing what man has destroyed in his search for oil, precious gems and metals, and through intensive farming practices.

The Dandelion has many meanings to different people. One meaning is "pure love". It also has a meaning of "separation" from the way the fluffs fly away. Fluffs of dandelion are carried away by wind and germinate where they land. Its seeds are a symbol of love and take root the love in the place where they land.

A little fairy out collecting wishes found a great big dandelion. It was too heavy to fly with, so she set off to carry it home. The other fairies offered to help but she was too proud and insisted that she could cope. Little did she know that all the way back, the wishes were falling out. When she arrived home, all the wishes had gone. Disappointed, she turned back to pick them up, and as she returned to each wish, she discovered the story of who and what had happened. 

Three best friends set off into the world and who knows what fun and thrills they get up to?


  • Dandelions and branches are made of metal
  • Two are themed on dandelion, so the fairy image is relatively small, while the other two are themed on fairy, so the fairy image is relatively large


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